Billing Cycle

Any recurring service that is billed on a monthly schedule will take place on the same day of each month unless otherwise stated in the signed service terms contract from the start of said project or within an updated service terms contract. This monthly invoice may be received and any credit card, debit card or bank account on file may be charged up to three (3) business days prior to the scheduled recurring date.

Unpaid Invoices

In the case of unpaid invoices, all services will be immediately stopped. This includes, but is not limited to, website hosting, development, email service, SEO as well as all third-party subscriptions and services that GridLevel has access to. Ownership of all accounts, domains, email addresses, and other website related, or unrelated entities will remain in the ownership of GridLevel until all payments have been made and all contractual agreements have been met. If the client is unable or unwilling to meet these contractual agreements, GridLevel reserves the right to resell any and all entities to the appropriate buyer or marketplace.

Cancelation of Services

All cancellations of services must be specified and made in writing to GridLevel 30 days prior to cancelation. All unpaid invoices and 3rd party services must be paid in full as well as all contractual agreements met in order for transfer of ownership, should this need to be done. GridLevel may withhold transfer of domains, website hosting files, email accounts and any other service provided until all contractual agreements are met and dues are paid. Client's are responsible for all regularly scheduled invoiced that fall within this 30 day cancelation period.